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James Turrell, Roden Crater=alignments as of 9/91, 1991.

Roden Crater

by intern

In 1979, Santa Monica-based artist James Turrell acquired the Roden Crater, a natural volcanic cavity just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Since then, he has continued to transform the space into a naked-eye observatory, designed to view celestial phenomena. Kayne Griffin Corcoran’s inaugural exhibition (to coincide with LACMA’s retrospective, opening May 26) is “James Turrell: Sooner Than Later, Roden Crater,” featuring drawings, photographs and models as well as notes, tools and architectural plans to chart the evolution of Turrell’s vision. May 25-Jul. 20.

Written by Kelsey McKinnon
Photographed by Kayne Griffin Corcoran