5 Made-to-Order Beauty Products to Buy Now

Customizable haircare and skincare might just change your life



The bespoke philosophy that defines couture is fast becoming the beauty industry’s benchmark — but in the case of the latter, it’s about designing and pricing to reach the masses, not just the privileged few. “Consumers are looking for products and experiences that are unique to them,” explains Dr. David Lortscher, co-founder of San Francisco-based Curology, a prescription skincare service that targets acne and antiaging. Customers complete questionnaires and upload photos for analysis, then a licensed dermatologist prescribes custom formulas starting at $20 per month.


“Sustainability is another consideration for going custom,” says Nhu Le, founder of cosmetics brand Finding Ferdinand. “Producing on demand reduces waste and allows us to ship our customers freshly made products.” Finding Ferdinand’s customers can “mix” their dream shades of lipstick for $9 to $30 using a simple process: Choose four colors from a grid of 25 pre-existing swatches, adjust the concentration percentage of each hue, select your desired finish and voila!


Atolla, meanwhile, focuses on personalized serums created in response to in-depth skin analysis kits that include strips that test oil, pH and moisture levels monthly. (The company tracks the formulation over time using its proprietary algorithm.)



Made-to-order beauty is about accessibility and sustainability


And lest your mane feel underserved: There is Prose, whose custom haircare products (shampoo, conditioner and masks, starting at $25) are created using extensive intake data, which generates unique product recommendations for each customer. (They also offer a stylist consultation.)


And cult favorite Harklinikken battles hair loss with custom extracts selected from a gender-based evaluation of scalp condition, oil production, hair type and hair thinning pattern. “Our extract is formulated and mixed by hand after the initial consultation,” explains founder Lars Skjoth. The formula (from $88) is then evolved over time using client response and compliance.



Feature image: The PROSE range of haircare products.


This story originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of C Magazine.

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