The Favorite Daughter Sisters On Designing Their New Boutique

Erin and Sara Foster discuss the new Beverly Hills space housing their ready-to-wear line, and their famously differing aesthetics



Empire-building siblings Erin and Sara Foster, the writers, producers and stars of the wry comedic hit Barely Famous, and the minds behind the year-old ready-to-wear line Favorite Daughter, are strengthening their Los Angeles roots. The sisters, who are daughters of composer and music producer David Foster (who has written and produced some of the greatest ballads of all time including Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing), just launched their first bricks-and-mortar boutique housing the full line of closet staples including sweaters, jackets, denim and dresses. The 1,000-square-foot Beverly Hills space, designed by Fai Khadra, is a riot of pastels including pale pink, bold salmon, lush green and golden yellow shades surrounding a Bloom & Plume floral chandelier. The fashion venture is a partnership between the sisters, who are also investors in Bumble and Mirror, and Centric Brands, the parent company of such L.A.-based lines as Joe’s Jeans and Hudson Jeans. On hand at the boutique opening were friends Kate Hudson, Molly Shannon, Jennifer Meyer, Kelly Sawyer and Jamie Mizrahi along with the siblings’ younger sister Jordan Foster, a stylist who is also the line’s style director. Here, Erin and Sara discuss their new shop, design approach and their famously differing aesthetics. 346 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-215-2064



What draws you into a boutique and how have you recreated that feeling with your first retail space? 
Erin Foster: The store was designed by our friend Fai Khadra who did such a beautiful job making it feel not only true to the brand, but true to us as well. Right away it feels unlike anything else on the street.

Sara Foster: He really created such interesting, eye-catching nooks within the store that make you want to go inside. It’s elevated, but not intimidating, it’s fun, but still classic.

EF: We really wanted something that had personality, and bold choices, but wasn’t going to give you a headache when you walk in. We want people to want to hang here.



How did you navigate decisions about the store interior design as sisters? 
SF: We have very different aesthetics in all aspects. I’m definitely more traditional while Erin is a lot more colorful and daring. But I think that’s what makes it work and results in something more creative than we would have done on our own.

EF: I think this process helped us come to the realization that we don’t always have to meet in the middle, if something is important to Sara, I’m able to let her run with it and vice versa.


“We want people to want to hang here”

Erin Foster


And the interior colors? 
SF: The store’s color palette is this really interesting mix of pinks and pistachios, which at first I wasn’t sure about, but we really put our trust into Fai and his vision and I’m so happy we did, because we are in love with the end result.

EF: The store also has these really intricate geometric wall cutouts and beautiful curved archways that make the space feel so special and different.



The store comes on the heels of pop-ups at Graduate hotels around the country. How has in-person shopping changed the line?
EF: From day one, Sara and I were constantly getting messages about the sizing or the fit of a particular product and, in turn, feedback, which we took to heart and implemented in our designs. I think the coolest thing about the pop-up tour was not only introducing Favorite Daughter to new customers, but getting that feedback for our design team in person. It also really helped us hone in on hero pieces.

SF: At the pop-ups, women were shocked with how well everything fit. We want everything to feel elevated, and really tailored, so the fact that customers got to feel the pieces in person and try them on really made all the difference. So much of our growth has been through word of mouth.


“While personally I think the Sara jean is better, the Erin is one of our top sellers, so I guess they’re also good”

Sara Foster


What inspired your collaborations with Roxanne Assouline and Jennifer Meyer?
SF: We’re still new to the business, and the women’s ready-to-wear market is so oversaturated so we’re always looking for interesting collaborations that help set us apart.

EF: We were so excited to partner with incredible female founders like Jennifer Meyer and Roxanne Assouline who are so great at what they do.



How do your picks as individuals differ? 
SF: It’s all a balancing act. We of course have our opinions, but at the end of the day, we defer to our incredible team of designers. We know what we like, but our team does an insane amount of market research that really helps dictate decisions we just can’t come to a consensus on.

EF: The good news is, like us, no two customers are going to have the exact same opinion on something, so Sara might speak for one particular customer and I align more with another’s style.


Do you both wear the Erin or Sara denim styles or do you each stick to your namesakes?
EF: We definitely designed both our namesake jeans with our personal styles in mind and set out to create our idea of the perfect jean. Sara loves a tall girl jean and loves a long inseam, so that’s reflected in the Sara High Rise.

SF: We’re trying to cater to as many girls as possible with each jean, so with each design we’re looking to accomplish something different. While personally I think the Sara jean is better, the Erin is one of our top sellers, so I guess they’re also good.


December 20, 2021

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