How Kate Mara Keeps Her Cool 

The products, podcasts and vegan diet that keep the actor on track



Drawn to playing complex characters, actor Kate Mara is excited at the buzz around her latest project, Hulu’s A Teacher (available to stream on Nov. 10) — a provocative limited series about an illicit affair between a young teacher and her male student. Mara describes shooting the series as magical. “My 3-month-old daughter was with me on set. I was in a bit of a daze.”


Kate Mara and Nick Robinson in FX on Hulu’s A Teacher.  


After production ended, the world changed, and Mara found herself adjusting to the new normal. “I miss the family routines we had before the quarantine. Going to the park with our kids, meeting other families there, picking up coffee and walking around the reservoir with my daughter. Now we have new routines, like walking our neighborhood instead, and going to the park alone as a family when we know it’s not busy so we can be safe. But the outside human connection is what we miss most.”

As for working from home? “It’s a challenge with kids in the house,” Mara admits. “My daughter can hear my voice no matter where I am, so my husband [actor Jamie Bell] gets creative when I’m on a work call or she will find me! We’re trying to figure out how best to be parents and work from home with no help. It’s a balancing act.”


The Lekfit studio (pre-COVID) on Beverly Boulevard. 


When it comes to exercise, Mara doesn’t budge. “Working out has always been my way of recharging and staying centered.” Pre-COVID-19, she attended classes to stay motivated and prioritize daily exercise, but these days Mara stream strengthening and lengthening workouts by Ballet Bodies, and Lekfit mini trampoline cardio classes.

“I listen to podcasts,” Mara shares. “I love The Breakdown, Shaun King’s podcast about breaking down injustice and racism in our country. I love his specifics as to how we can be truly antiracist and support the movement. His podcast makes it easy to be a part of the change.”


Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones in Hulu’s Normal People.


She keeps the recommendations coming. “I’m a fan of Dax Shepard and his [co-host] Monica [Padman’s] Armchair Expert podcast. Their interviews open people up to discussing things they normally wouldn’t. One more, Sick Empire is really informative and moving. It’s about people fighting on the frontlines of the global pandemic. And I loved watching Normal People on Hulu. I binged it in one night, which is impressive for me because I tend to fall asleep soon after our kids. But I couldn’t stop watching it. I love a love story.”


• • • • •



“My skin tends to run dry and this True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil is a game changer! I love the natural scent and how amazing it makes your skin feel.”



“Living in California, it is so important to wear sunscreen every day, and I found it very challenging to find one that was light but actually worked. I love how this Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 40 is moisturizing, without feeling heavy.”



“I am a vegan, and my husband decided to stop eating meat about four months ago, so this Beyond Meat Vegan Sausage has become a staple in our home. Knowing my husband loves it as much as I do is a real testament to how delicious it is.”



“I love coffee in the morning, and Califia Better Half Vegan Creamer is my go-to. Before I became a vegan, I used to use half and half and found it difficult to find a good substitute. Waking up super early with our kids is a challenge, but coffee is always something that helps get me out of bed and start the day.”



Baeo Bare Butter is the purest moisturizing body butter! Made from avocado and olive oil, it was developed to protect your skin from free radicals and hydrate delicate skin. I have been using it on my daughter since she was born as her nightly calm-down routine, but the scent is so delicate, and it works beautifully so the whole family can use it.”



Feature image: Kate Mara in FX on Hulu’s A Teacher.


A version of this story originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2020 issue of C Magazine.

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